You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Or to know if it’s going to rain all day, apparently.

Go ahead. You try to plan a camping and kayaking trip for May. I was this close to  pulling it off, and then the potential campers began to dwindle for various family and work commitments. And then the weather forecast. Ugh.

It was down to me and one other hearty soul whom I shall call “la viajera,” ’cause she’s been to Machu Picchu and all that. For days we agonized over whether to go or not. (All right, it wasn’t days it was 24 hours, but it was agonizing.) Finally this morning we made the call. A 3-hour car ride to an unknown campsite to kayak to the actual island park, with 40% chance of thunderstorms and a gray an ominous morning sky made it seem the responsible thing to do stay home.

Sometimes I really hate doing the responsible thing.

But you know who this worked out really well for? My dog Fritz. In fact, at this very moment, he is lying at my feet snoring to high heaven. Because you see, when you can’t kayak but you have the day off work, a hike is a really nice backup plan. It was his idea, really:

Fritz's Day offThat is the face of a sentient being who sniffed and peed and ate grass. Who met a Beagle with an extremely apologetic owner (Beagle wasn’t bad, really), a German Shepherd Dog named Bruce (who would do that?), and finally, got lots of parking lot loving from a little girl who said he was “interesting” (perhaps she’s seen too many dos Equis commercials).

I have plans to do more kayaking this summer, and I probably just jinxed today when I purchased both a new paddle and new sunglasses on the same day. (I know, really, what was I thinking?)

I also have plans to go camping, although at this rate it may just be me and Fritz.  He really needs very little prep time, and, I find that he has almost no commitments to keep him from going on any trip, anywhere. (“A ride? Are you kidding me?” “A walk to around the block? I am so there!”, etc, etc., etc.)

I’ll keep planning, and hopefully it will work out with other folks to join me. It worked out today with “la viajera” (boy, I hope I’m saying that right), and we had a great time even though we were so close to home on trails we’ve both been on many times.

40% chance of thunderstorms this morning, and at now at 6:30 pm the sun is shining and there’s nothing but blue skies smiling at me (with apologies to Irving Berlin).

Stay tuned. I have the day off tomorrow, as well …


One thought on “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

  1. May has become a month of broken plans due to weather changes here also. I don’t wish to preach to the choir here, yet the changes in normal weather patterns are crazy. As a nation it seems we are in a pattern on going from one crappy weather system to another. Each one leaving some devastating disaster in some particular area.
    On a lighter note, I hope the camping/kayaking is in your near future. If not, YEA! for Fritz. He’s one lucky pup.

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