The one about the coffeemaker

Since I started writing this blog, living vigorously has mostly meant doing the needful: work, family, pets, house. I try to do the tasks associated with bountiful vigor, but that works out better sometimes than others. I mean, I really vigorously vacuumed my parents living room rug last weekend, but it was hardly inspiring to write about. And then there’s everything around my own home. I often wonder if everyone runs into as many stumbling blocks as I seem to whenever I attempt what seem at first glance to be the simplest tasks. For example, the coffeemaker died a couple of weeks ago. It happens. It was so reliable,  like an old gray mare, starting up faithfully each morning at 5:00 am so that when I ascended the stairs ten minutes later with dog and cat at my sides the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of “beep beep beep” was how I started each day.

Then one morning I knew as soon as I reached the top of the stairs that something was terribly wrong. There was no aroma drifting upwards. There was no beep.  Upon reaching the kitchen I found that while the coffeemaker had attempted to brew and it only produced about one cup’s worth before collapsing like aforesaid mare. I wonder how long I stood and stared at it in disbelief. Probably not as long as I would have if I hadn’t had a dog and cat — obviously starved from going 12 hours without eating — clamoring at my side.

(An aside, but an important one, is that I then planned to grab a cup of coffee somewhere on the way to work but traffic was bad and I got in late as it was. So I had resigned myself to a sleepy, headachy morning when one of my colleagues appeared in my doorway and asked “Do you like iced coffee?” Angel of mercy. Starbucks had gotten her order wrong and gave her an extra — large! — iced latte, which she brought in to the office thinking “Maybe somebody here will want it.” You really do have to have faith that things will work out in the end.)

Well, thus proceeded that first-world endeavor known as “the search for the perfect coffeemaker.”  Hours spent perusing  Amazon reviews: This one drips coffee all over the place. That one isn’t hot enough. This one breaks down for everyone who bought it. That one costs $300.

Finally we found one that was in our price range (i.e., cheap), seemed reliable, and was programmable — which is key for that 5:00 am wake up call. Ordered, it took an excruciating week to get here, during which time we used a tiny little 6 cup maker that I’d had at the office but never used because it dripped all over the place when poured. Then one day it arrived. Beautiful, stainless steel and black. One cup served at a time, designed to keep the coffee piping hot. I set it on the counter and then I tried to get a plate from the cupboard:


This has been the coffeemaker’s place for so long, I was at a loss as to what to do. The cabinets run all along the countertops, so this is a bit of a problem. However, I hatched a plan to set it on the microwave cart that does not have a microwave on it. It’s next to the refrigerator. There’s an outlet which the coffeemaker will just reach. Except that the refrigerator is already plugged in there, with an adapter because we never updated the receptacle. D’oh!

So this morning, the coffeemaker still sits as above, blocking the cabinet enough that getting  out a dinner plate involves acrobatics and dexterity to ensure the coffeemaker doesn’t land on the floor and plates don’t land on your head. So what’s on the agenda for this lovely Saturday morning? New receptacle!  Yay!

But first, another cup of coffee …


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