Udderly ridiculous

Udderly ridiculousI know, I know. Announce that I’m writing a new blog and then … don’t write.

Pretty lame. But sometimes blogging and living are at odds, and I highly recommend anyone live your life rather than blog when faced with the choice. One of the things I did over the weekend was work at my University’s state fair-like event, which included a “milk the cow” attraction — “now with lifelike teats!”  (No, it didn’t really say that, but I think they missed a great marketing opportunity there.)

I was happy to dust off the old camera and take a break from my station in Tech Town to visit the Ag Ave. Among other things there, I found this little girl fascinated with “milking” the cow, and an older woman also tentatively trying it out.  With so much of our lives “prepackaged” these days, I loved seeing these folks interested in experiencing the origins of something so ubiquitous as milk.

One of the things I hope to do more of in the coming months is photography. I used to be a half decent photographer, but I didn’t keep up with the technology. About a year ago I bought a used digital camera with all the bells and whistles, thanks to a generous friend who gave me a really good deal when she bought a new one. The camera’s been a little intimidating, I admit. I was master of the f-stop back in the day when I had my trsuty Minolta 35mm, and I could tell you all about film speed and aperature settings. One of the things I have learned about myself in recent years is that I really don’t like the feeling of once having been good at something and no  longer being able to do it very well. And in a very mature and reasonable reaction, when that happens I just stop doing whatever it was I used to be good at. Hence, the camera sitting on the table, the guitar sitting in its stand, and probably many more things that I won’t admit to myself. But I miss these past-times. I really do.

So here’s to photography. And who knows, maybe I’ll even pull out the guitar and start building up those blisters on my fingers again.



At the very least, I hope I can maintain half the level of learning — and living —  as these youngsters were doing this weekend. Kids know how to live vigorously, no one needs to remind them.

UPDATED:  For you, Morgan. Now with more cow!



4 thoughts on “Udderly ridiculous

  1. To blog or to live life, that is the question. Live life and blog about it if you have a chance so we can vicariously enjoy your adventures. It is life, with its joys and sorrows, that we share; either to expand that joy or dissipate the sorrow among shoulders strong enough. Lisa, Mauigirl, Sara and yourself blogged so long and hard through many a year and many a issue. Many fell to the wayside after 2008 due to exhaustion. Exhaustion not only from the fight, but also from lack of attention to write about the really important things…. personal lives. And the really important issues of why your readers follow your writings.
    I grew up in a family of ranchers, cattle and sheep. I’ve enjoyed your pictures of Ag Ave. Funny… I had to laugh, thinking how too bad Ag Ave didn’t bring in some actual dairy cows for the full experience.
    The past times we have stored in the corners of our rooms all come back to us over time. For some it is the hiatus which makes the rebirth so much richer. For you, the person I know yet don’t know, are one of the richest people I know. Thank you for sharing.

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